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22 November 2017

Time by A.L Tan

There is a period of time for everything.
Time to love
Time to miss
Time to ponder
Time to wait

In many more periods

In everything there is a time frame.
Time to smile
Time to laugh
Time to kiss
Time to hug

As we stay apart and avoid meeting.

I know that the
Time of being strangers
Time of being detached
Time of not needing each other
Time of falling out of love

Is making their way.

As soon as the
Time of heartbreak
Time of feeling being push away
Time of feeling not worthy
Time of losing not enough weight

Completes their duty.

20 November 2017

Sometimes by A.L Tan

Sometimes, I feel that you don't love me. That our relationship is all in my mind.

Sometimes, it looks as if you are playing with my heart. Pushing buttons to make me dance to your art.

Sometimes, it seems you are forced to entertain me. Am I disturbing your life?

Sometimes, I wonder if you would take the step to connect, if silence from me is all you get.

Sometimes, I wonder if we might actually be nothing at all.

12 November 2017

Growing Apart by A.L Tan

No more good morning
No more good night

Lesser the effort
Lesser the need

If we are not growing closer
Then whats the use of being together

Maybe it's the time
For us to leave each other

08 November 2017

Left Alone by A.L Tan

Each time we argue
You will just leave

Leave me alone
Leave me in slience
Leave me hurt

You just exit and leave.

Love Change by A.L Tan

You use to spam my chat and wanted to know everything I do.

Now you hardly ask of me and gets angry when I confront you.

You ignore my questions, leave them unanswer.

You don't talk about your life anymore and don't think it's nessesary.

What's the point of being in a relationship if we can't share our lives and feelings with each other.

You used to ask me out on dates and say you wanted to have a long look at me.

Now we don't even meet.

You mentioned that I'm the most important to you. Am I still?

You use to repeatly say I love you till I say love you too. Now all you say is okay ana.

Are we changing? Or maybe you just don't love me anymore?

Alone by A.L Tan

"You will never walk alone."
Your favourite tagline.

I'm walking alone most of the time in our relationship.

When I try to grow near to you, all you do is to push me away.

07 November 2017

Time Reveals by A.L Tan

Maybe after all the stress, disappointment and assumption.

You do still love me anyway.


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