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29 April 2018

I'll Be the Last Person by A.L Tan

I'll be the last person,
That you want to meet,
That you want to talk to,
That you want to text.

You once said
That I'm important to you.
That I'll be your life partner,
And suggested us to get married.

How is it possible
That I'm important to you.
That you choose me,
To marry me.

When obliviously now,
I am the last person,
That you want to meet,
That you want to talk to,
That you want to text.

16 April 2018

Discipline by A.L Tan

Well last Sunday
God spoke to me

A message
That true friends
Loves and corrects

A message
That when a person loves
They discipline
To mould their friends

Suddenly it hit it
Suddenly it makes senses to me

That God is telling me
That you are disciplining me

It hurts but that's how it works
Disciplining is a way to show love.

09 April 2018

Decisions by A.L Tan

Close your eyes and count to ten.
Do you see your future with me.

If you do, continue to hold my hand.
If you don't, let us just end.

Love Is by A.L Tan

How does love feels like?
Can someone tell me.
Can someone show me.

I thought

Love is loving each other.

Love is caring for each other.

Love is being kind to each other.

Love is supporting and encouraging each other.

Love is communicating with each other.

Love is sharing thoughts and plans together.

Love is building a future together.

But, it seems I was wrong......

It seems that

Love is a sacrifice for another's dream.

Love is one serve while another lead.

Love is one obey while another commands.

Love is one suffers while another rejoice.

Love is one surrender while another strive.

In the end, it seems that

Love is pain for one while happiness for another.

Is that what love is?

Is love equal?

02 April 2018

To Love Is To Hurt? by A.L Tan

You make me wonder
If all your 'I love you' were just empty words.

It's for your own good.
Lose weight, be healthy.
That's what you said to me.

When my weight remain the same.
You didn't want to meet me.
You didn't want to speak to me.

It makes me wonder....
Why must you leave and ignore me....
Why can't you stay and support me....

You break my heart to push me to do what is right.

29 January 2018

You, Me and Us by A.L Tan

Another chance,
Another try,
Let's continue to hold on tight,
And work harder to make us right.

Maybe it's you,
Maybe it's me,
But with you by my side,
I'll definitely feel better.

How about you?
Where do you stand?
At a corner pushing me along?
Or by my side cheering me on?

You, Me or Us?

22 January 2018

Missing, Farewell & Confuse by A.L Tan

Being Fat
Being Sick
Is not the key
To keep you happy

I bid you farewell
You replies was not well
Now I wonder if you have let me go

You say your are sorry for going missing
After one reply
Missing you went again

So now I wonder if we are really over
Should I text you to ask or continue to ponder

I'm tired of writing this mediocre poem
I'll go to bed and maybe this then will really end.