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29 January 2018

You, Me and Us by A.L Tan

Another chance,
Another try,
Let's continue to hold on tight,
And work harder to make us right.

Maybe it's you,
Maybe it's me,
But with you by my side,
I'll definitely feel better.

How about you?
Where do you stand?
At a corner pushing me along?
Or by my side cheering me on?

You, Me or Us?

22 January 2018

Missing, Farewell & Confuse by A.L Tan

Being Fat
Being Sick
Is not the key
To keep you happy

I bid you farewell
You replies was not well
Now I wonder if you have let me go

You say your are sorry for going missing
After one reply
Missing you went again

So now I wonder if we are really over
Should I text you to ask or continue to ponder

I'm tired of writing this mediocre poem
I'll go to bed and maybe this then will really end.

19 January 2018

Blind Love by A.L Tan

I didn't fall in love with you.
Instead, I choose to love you.

I made a choice, my love is not blind.

18 January 2018

Ticking Time by A.L Tan

I might I have come to the point where I don't really care anymore I guess.

I have always question myself if I made the right choice for letting you into my life.

Honestly, we both know that we can survive without each other.

We are together because we made the choice to be together and to love each other.

At times, I feel that you deserve someone much better than me.

Sometimes, I wonder if you'll treat me the way dad treated mum.

You are moving, progressing and pushing this relationship so fast to hit your life goal.

While I'm slowing this relationship down because I'm not ready and afraid to take this life decision.

I don't know where we are heading or how it will turn out to be.

I'll let God take the wheel in our relationship and I'll do my part the best I know.

One week, if the silence continues I'll assume its time for us to return to our separate ways.

You always deserve someone better than me.

22 November 2017

Time by A.L Tan

There is a period of time for everything.
Time to love
Time to miss
Time to ponder
Time to wait

In many more periods

In everything there is a time frame.
Time to smile
Time to laugh
Time to kiss
Time to hug

As we stay apart and avoid meeting.

I know that the
Time of being strangers
Time of being detached
Time of not needing each other
Time of falling out of love

Is making their way.

As soon as the
Time of heartbreak
Time of feeling being push away
Time of feeling not worthy
Time of losing not enough weight

Completes their duty.

20 November 2017

Sometimes by A.L Tan

Sometimes, I feel that you don't love me. That our relationship is all in my mind.

Sometimes, it looks as if you are playing with my heart. Pushing buttons to make me dance to your art.

Sometimes, it seems you are forced to entertain me. Am I disturbing your life?

Sometimes, I wonder if you would take the step to connect, if silence from me is all you get.

Sometimes, I wonder if we might actually be nothing at all.

12 November 2017

Growing Apart by A.L Tan

No more good morning
No more good night

Lesser the effort
Lesser the need

If we are not growing closer
Then whats the use of being together

Maybe it's the time
For us to leave each other

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